Ferhat Albayrak – Harsh Times EP [Intec Digital]

Ferhat Albayrak HarshTimes EP Intec Digital

I’m proud to release my 4th release on arguably best Techno label of the world, Intec Digital of Carl Cox presents Ferhat Albayrak – Harsh Times EP is out today ! It has been a long time that Carl is playing my records but releasing on his own imprint has a different taste for sure !
Enjoy !


Ferhat Albayrak – Thug Keys EP [Intec Digital] is out!

-“After two successful releases under Intec Digital Presents series, it was just a matter of time when Ferhat will jump on boardFerhat Albayrak Thug Keys EP Intec Digital as a full Intec artist. We are following his work for really some time and we are always amazed seeing his constant sound improvement as well an overall growth of his artist career. We are really happy to share his “Thug Keys EP” with you and we give a warm and friendly welcome back to Ferhat Albayrak.

Enjoy :-)”

Intec Team

Adam Beyer – Wow, this is pretty big, sure party smasher
Kaiserdisco – Thug Keys is cool, will play !
Nicole Moudaber – Top!
Christian Smith – I like Lawgiver
Boris – Lawgiver is BIG
Karotte – Thug Keys & Sawgrass are great, love it !

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Ferhat Albayrak – Mechatronic EP [Jeton] JET049

jet049The forty ninth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, presents Mechatronic EP.

The Name Track of the EP, Mechatronic is a driving bold Kick and Noises grooved and saturated pumping track. The hook is not a fx nor a synth but a reversed bassline. Therefore overall energy of the track leads it to another direction. Off-beat hihats and cymbals are also completing the dots.

Second track of the EP, Chronic Failure features a single note synth note, all around the track and used also as a hook. Although overall groove based on percussions, the big drop and rise give its character to the track.

Ferhat AlbayrakMechatronic EP will be your 3am weapons for the long festival or club sets, whenever you need, at the right time ! Enjoy !


Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Greg Gow – like both cuts thx
Marco Bailey – Many Thanks !
Axel Karakasis – great tracks!! support
Fedde Le Grand – Thank you for the music you sent us! We look forward to reviewing it.
Drumcomplex – hot suff
Steve Mulder – Mechatronic is cool!! Full support
Peja – Clearly a bomb,Mechatronic for me. Thanks!
Gabriel Ben – nice one
Davy Dee – Chronic for me ! Great Techno here…
Dandi & Ugo (Italo Business) – great techno
Gforty – Mechatronic rocks, great track
Andy Slate – Wicked EP! I like Mechatronic the most. It reminds me on your knowing you remix. Full support!
Affani – will play this for sure! Thank you for the promo!
Luke Creed – Thanks for this watch my show for supports!
Roman Finansi – Chronic Failure – nice groove!!!


Ferhat Albayrak Beatport Chart August 13

Beatport Chart Aug 13In order to celebrate my new release `Tears of Tender EP` on Intec Digital, I made a chart on Beatport. You will find Tears of Tender EP Tracks, as well as my latest picks from the block. Enjoy !

Beatport Chart

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Ferhat Albayrak – Tears of Tender EP [Intec Digital] is out!

ID_Presents_Ferhat AlbayrakThe day has come ! Arguably the most important release of my career`Tears of Tender EP` is out now on Beatport ! I`m uber grateful to Mighty Carl Cox, for playing these tracks in almost every set since last October and for signing to the best Techno Label in the world, Intec Digital for the second time in a year ! Thank you again for all your support!


Ferhat Albayrak – Requiem II EP [Jeton] JET046

JET046The forty sixth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, presents Requiem II EP, including remixes from Axel Karakasis & Gabriel Ben.

After the success of the first Requiem EP and his unique vocal sample, Ferhat decided to produce another track with the same kind of vocal and let it remixed to the finest artists like Axel & Gab.

The Original Mix just like the first Requiem, includes a real Requiem with the traditional Turkish Music Tune. The challenge was to transform it to a dance track, with the elements of low-bass High-kick combination and very wet percussion instruments. The result is nothing but a groovy tech track.

Our friend from other side of the Aegean see, one the most experienced & respected names in Techno Scene, Axel Karakasis uses his trade-mark sound to make the original more pumping by utilizing tight snares/rides, organic high-pass filter automations and of course a dark atmosphere lead.

Gabriel Ben pushs the original to the limit, a real button-heavy lows and full-spectrum FX usage, on-the-loop hooks and of course wet rides let the track be a 4am monster.

It is not so usual that an EP would have a second series, but Ferhat Albayrak Requiem II EP deserve it from the beginning and hopefully would be on your hard-drive/USB stick whenever you need an unique and powerful sounds. Enjoy !


Erphun – I like the original mix & the middle eastern tone. Reminds me of the old prog house days – will be a good tool for me to use! Tnx! 🙂
Andy Slate – Original Mix is huge!
Davy Dee – Axel Remix is fantastic !!!
A-Brothers – great release. support!
Phil Soren – Thx for this promo
Gennaro Le Fosse – support! nice rmx too!
Dean Facer – Another great release on Jeton….. I’m liking the Gabriel Ben mix !
Roman Finansi – Requiem II original is nice!!! Thnx, Ferhat!


“Days of Modoc” success on Charts !

jet044Days of Modoc Beatport Top17Days of Modoc Track it Down Top 10Ferhat Albayrak – Days of Modoc (Tomy DeClerque Remix) [Jeton Records] is not only succesful on the dance-floor played by the big names like Carl Cox, Marco Bailey, Axel Karakasis, Sasha Carassi and more, but also in the Top Selling Charts on Beatport up to #17 & TrackitDown up to #10. Big thanks firstly to Tomy and all the other DJs and fans who support this exceptional release ! We will keep pushing hard !


Ferhat Albayrak Beatport Chart April 13

Beatport Chart April 13My recent edition of Beatport selection are online ! They are some tracks from Jeton Records, my latest Bush Records EP Remix from Arnd & Roel and also other tracks that I use on my radioshows and gigs.

Enjoy !


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Ferhat Albayrak – Days of Modoc EP [Jeton] JET044 is out !

jet044The forty forth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, presents Days of Modoc EP with Tomy DeClerque Remix.

Jeton Records welcomes another important artist for a remix, Tomy DeClerque, who is one the rising stars in the scene and contributes to the release with a killer remix !

Days of Modoc, features not one but various basslines and hooks as well. A squashy sound gets the lead, accompanied by a reverse subbass, high-kick and on top of that a synth completes the zip. This is a quite powerful and at the same time catchy interesting sounds combination track.

Tomy DeClerque Remix has the vibe with the original but, more organic and pumping by getting influenced by Tomy’s trademark sound, which is real percussion oriented. A subbassy main groove and hooks from the original, track is entering to an another dimension and flow. It has more direct in terms of traffic and more generous on FXs.

Ferhat AlbayrakDays of Modoc EP is serious about beats and production quality, we hope it will be your favorite tool for main rooms as well.

Enjoy !

Richie Hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin
Eddie Halliwell – passing on to eddie to check out
Dubfire – Downloaded for Dubfire by Ronald
Marco Bailey – Many Thanks !!
Sasha Carassi – Tomy DeClerque Remix rocks!
Axel Karakasis – another great release!!! thanks, i will play and support
Bodyscrub – Great release…Tomy DeClerque remix for me!
Loco & Jam – Nice release.. Liking both Original & Remix! Peak Time!
Davy Dee – Both mixes are fucking good !!!
Steve Mulder – Lovin both mixes!!
Roel Salemink – Really big EP!!
Drumcomplex – wow big banger…support
Dean Facer – Huge release…. I am lovin’ this !!
Gabriel Ben – Tomy remix. Nice one.
Roman Finansi – Tomy DeClerque Remix is nice! Thnx!
Luke Creed – thanks will try out, watch wired up radio for support”
Stanny Franssen – The original for me.
Phil Soren – Nice EP – Thanks for promo
Angel Costa – Will test. Thanks!
A-Brothers – cool tracks. will test! thanks.


Ferhat Albayrak – Actuator EP [Bush Records] is out !

Long awaited EP of Ferhat, “Actuator EP” is finally out on legendary Bush Records. EP also has 2 massive remixes, one from Joe Brunning, who is the responsible of last summer’s hit “Let me see your work” and the other comes from Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink duo, who are providing floor-fillers consistently since they tied-up together.

The original has been hammered up by Carl Cox almost more than one year, and we hope it will have the same effect for other DJs too. Enjoy !