Tronic Radio 338 | Ferhat Albayrak

-“It’s uncompromising, non-commercial Techno, the way I feel Techno really started…”

It is great to hear these words from Christian Smith and I’m honored to be the guest of the week at Tronic Radio. Enjoy!

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Recorded Live @ Zorlu PSM, Istanbul

01.Ferhat Albayrak & Riza Gobelez – Abracadabra [Elevate]
02.Riza Gobelez & Mattheo – Avisos [Jeton Records]
03.Giacomo Renzi – Nervous [JAM]
04.Fixon – Without Same [Hidden Rage Rec]
05.Slam – Antonym [Soma Records]
06.Damon Wild – Rotary (Slam Archive Edit) [Soma Records]
07.Flug – Kontrol [Kontor Records]
08.Ferhat Albayrak – Twenty-Three
09.Black Shade – Pitch Black [Silver M]
10.Giacomo Renzi – Danger [JAM]
11.Juliana Yamasaki – Control [Dcrypted]
12.Ferhat Albayrak – Output [Jeton Records]
13.Jon Rundell – Light at the End of the Tunnel [Etch]
14.Ferhat Albayrak – Sundrowler (Joey Beltram Remix) [Tronic]
15.Mark Broom – Loop It [Machine Label]
16.Clip – Grip (P.E.A.R.L. Remix) [Stale]
17.Cyklos – Ragnarog [Copyright Control]
18.Jeroen Search – Vector Sum [Machine Label]
19.Jeff Mills – Automatic Re-Pitched [Purpose Maker]
20.Mark Broom, Discrete Circuit – MBDC 1 [Astray]