Ferhat Albayrak Beatport Chart February 2013

Ferhat Albayrak Beatport Chart February 2013Here is the latest selection of the tracks that Ferhat is digging lately. Also don’t forget to check Albayrak’s new Slave Code EP including a massive remix of Tom Hades, released on Jeton Records.


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Ferhat Albayrak – Slave Code EP [Jeton] JET042 is out !

The forty second eighth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, presents Slave Code EP with Tom Hades Remix.

Jeton Records welcomes 2013 with a powerful weapon from label head Ferhat Albayrak, following The Techno Wizard Tom Hades killer remix.

Slave Code, is a track which combines a subsynth bassline with a high kick, flavored with fx like white-noises, cymbals, organic percussion and a main hook/synth filtered and saturated all the time. A real main-room filler…

Tom Hades Remix has the same flow but with different elements. Main stab is a modified and super filtered/panned vocal sample, accompanied with a repetitive bassline, tribal hits and quirky circuit-derived sounds. Trade-mark Tom Hades sound never disappoints.

Ferhat AlbayrakSlave Code EP will be your ‘premiere’ ammo to be used on the first gigs of the year 2013 and we hope it will stand all year long, by destroying the crowd.

Enjoy !



Marco Bailey-thanks !
Richie Hawtin-downloaded for r hawtin
Dubfire-downloading for Dubfire, thank you!
Stanny Franssen-Full support from my side.
Sasha Carassi-Love the Tom Hades Mix!
Luigi Madonna-great tracks!!.. tnx
Axel Karakasis-great release!!! both mixes are superb
Drumcomplex-bomb alert…both mixes are brilliant
Steve Mulder-LOVE the Tom Hades remix! Full Support
Angel Costa-I try otiginal, thanks.
Gabriel Ben-Tom’s mix is rockin!
Davy Dee-Both tracks are BOMBS !!! Full Support !
Lance Blaise-will try out. cheer.
Roel Salemink-Really big EP, Tom’s remix is my favourite
Dean Facer-Great release…. both the original and Tom’s interpretations are superbly produced!!
Luke Creed-Nice , thanks
Peja-Full support,Tom Hades mix for me
Roman Finansi-Tom Hades remix is good!!!
Dimitri Kechagias-happy new year Ferhat! thanks for the promo,Dimitri Kechagias review: Ferhat Albayrak is a very talented dj and producer with ability to rock the dancefloors. His latest upfront anthem is called Slave Code and will become instantly your favourite. If you like techno tracks with great atmosphere, pumping beats, bubbly delicius basslines with some synthy work on top you will adore this tune that even make me dance while I’m writting these lines. It has that instant effect that strikes you with the first hearing of it. Tom Hades remix moves on the same direction of the upfront techno sound that is definitely peak time and slamming and has that magnet to hook you as soon as you play it in your set. Cool vocal samples, darker deeper basslines and punchy beats to hit you in your stomach. Techno is the King, Love iT! review link: http://fluxbpmonthemove.blogspot.gr/2013/01/review-ferhat-albayrak-slave-code-ep.html


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Ferhat Albayrak – Get Back EP [Jeton] JET038 is Out !

The thirty eighth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, presents Get Back EP.

The Name Track of the EP, Get Back, stands out from latest Ferhat’s productions by having an acidy synth work, without forgetting a pumping bassline and huge kicks. Percussions are nicely polished, while a decent drop is enough to get crowd crazy.

Super Natural is also a clear example of how Ferhat is addicted to synth works. A huge main lead surrounds all over the track, repeats and filters by having Techno drums and Techno high frequency ingredients.

Ferhat AlbayrakGet Back EP gets 2 real original tracks, without repeating what has been already done but by putting some stones for the future sound of Techno. Enjoy.


Richie Hawtin – download for r hawtin
Marco Bailey – Always full support Ferhat
Tom Hades – very nice release !! thanks for sharing ! πŸ™‚
Eddie Halliwell – passing on to eddie
Gabriel Ben – cool EP
Gennaro Le Fosse – Ferhat is making some really cool trax! Support!
Paco Osuna – downloaded thank you πŸ™‚
Dean Facer – Superb driving beats…. I really love Get Back””
Phil Soren – Get Back for me – Thanks
Roman Finansi – Super Natural is GREAT!!
Dimitri Kechagias – Dimitri Kechagias review: The brand new EP by Ferhat Albayrak on his own imprint Jeton records landed and is techno at its best once again. Two pumping techno tracks with quality and more importantly a lot of energy for the dancefloor. While some techno is too repetitive and uninteresting, Ferhat manage to compose tracks with personality and a special sparkle in them. Get Back has that manic hi-nrg like synthy melody that runs through the main part of the track and really is like injecting you with extra adrenaline doses to dance till the morning light. Super Natural starts all minimal but on the breakdown reveals some haunting dark melodies that sound like something strange with Super Natural powers is going to enter the building and bring terror and havoc on the dancefloor. Melodic techno is always for me the way forward. Like IT!review link: http://fluxbpmonthemove.blogspot.com/2012/09/review-ferhat-albayrak-get-back-ep-on.html


Ferhat Albayrak – Enough Erosion EP [Intec Digital] is out!

A moment of proud ! After getting worked hard for many years, now it is time to get pay back. Intec Digital, The Label of Migthy Carl Cox releases my 2 track EP, “Enough Erosion”. I don’t have any word to describe my happiness. For me it is the best label in the world, and it releases no more than 1 EP per month. Carl is playing this track for more than 1 year right now, and I hope you will like as much as he does ! Thank you again for all your support ! Now it is time to Bang !!!

Purchase at BeatportΒ Β Β Β Β Β  Listen at Soundcloud

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Ferhat Albayrak – Stroker EP with Greg Gow Remix – JET034 is Out !

The thirty fourth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, presents Stroker EP with Greg Gow Remix.

We are honored to welcome back Greg Gow, after his massive success of Search EP, with Resident Advisor Review and a Beatport Featured, this time Canadian delivers a powerful remix to Ferhat’s original.

The Name Track of the EP, Stroker is a very powerful peak-time weapon, it strokes bass-line right after the high-kick, a combination that Ferhat is using in his recent tracks, with a saturated chorus surrounding and of course cutting edge cymbals and white-noises.

Greg Gow Remix of Stroker, called Old Skool Mix, is not transfering the track fundamentals radically but adds a massive Detroit Pad, which remind us The Legend Dave Clarke Red Series. Perfect build-up for the rise, clever usage of filters and perc’ed groove completes the musical journal from the past to the future…

Last Track, Cyclone Baker, reflects dark side of Ferhat, features again a bottom heavy character, with a dark environmental atmosphere pad all over the track and horror-movies fxs. Will make you scare !

Ferhat AlbayrakStroker EP is aiming to be your favorite EP just before the summer, for the needs of peak-time ammos, with Canadian Detroit Style and Istanbul Style. Enjoy !


Danny Tenaglia – thanks!!!
Richie Hawtin – download for r hawtin
Roger Sanchez – nice release
Tom Hades – Really strong package ! Nice one ! πŸ™‚
Tomy De Clerque – will play stroker …
Stanny Franssen – Nice ep!
Audio Injection – digging greg gow remix, will try this out thanks
Davy Dee – I like Stroker” both mixes very much. Thanks !”
Gennaro Le Fosse – Nice !
Steve Mulder – AWESOME release!! Full support on both mixes of Stroker”!!”
Monocraft – Downloaded, thanks!
Gabriel Ben – solid EP. Big tracks.
Ricardo Garduno – Great release! originals works for me! thanks!
Roel Salemink – Very cool EP. Stroker is my pick!
Phil Soren – Nice techno sound – Thanks
Andy Slate – now we are talking mr grow! fantastic bombastic!
Peja – In love with Greg Gow Old Skool Mix,thanks
Roman Finansi – Cyclone Baker” – Nice deep stuff!!! Fav!”
Todd Burns – Editor in Chief RA – Thanks.

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Ferhat Albayrak Beatport Techno Chart April 2012

Here is my current Techno selection on Beatport. There are many nice productions, from my own productions to Jeton Records Bombs and close friends’ like Marco Bailey, Tom Hades, Loco & Jam and others.Β  Enjoy.

Buy It on Beatport

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Ferhat Albayrak – New Breed [Xelon] hits Beatport Top 100

Ferhat`s latest track on Xelon Entertainment, `New Breed` hits Beatport Top 100 Techno Chart. `New Breed` isΒ  No.86 right now and still climbing. It is the first Beatport Top 100 Track of Ferhat and it is for sure it`s only the beginning !

Purchase The Track

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Carl Cox charts Ferhat Albayrak – New Breed [Xelon]

Mighty Carl Cox charts at Beatport Ferhat’s latest track “New Breed” came out on Xelon Entertainment, which is a sub-label of Bush Records. Carl played this track all summer long in Space Ibiza, almost every Tuesday ! Thank you Coxy for your continuous support !

See The ChartΒ Β  Buy The Track

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Ferhat Albayrak – Requiem EP – JET031 is Out !

The thirty firsth release of Jeton Records, originally based in Istanbul and with a branch in Berlin, owned and managed by Turkish Techno Player Ferhat Albayrak, presents Requiem EP, includes remixes from Tom Hades and Lance Blaise.

Ferhat Albayrak finished this track app. 1 year ago and played almost in all of his gigs in 2011, having huge feedback from the crowd. Also Carl Cox played The Original Mix all summer long in Space Ibiza and reactions were incredible.

The Original Mix from Ferhat Albayrak is nothing but a 4/4 drum loop with ultra-low bass-line and a tight kick combination, spiced-up with Turkish Instruments percussions and side effects but most importantly a traditional man vocal which is making a real Requiem.

Tom Hades, who is the man on fire in Techno Scene right now with his superb works and his respected Rhythm Convert(ed) Label, transforms the original mix to a floor-filler. Typical Tom’s Sound, full-range carefully produced and a detailed work on highs and mids, with nice break-down and a perfect rise, this is the remix of Main Room you are looking for.

When you log onto Teggno Records Label Head Lance Blaise‘s web site, it says “Dark Experimental Techno” which totally what you get on his remix. A dark vocal looped all over the track, freak fx-work and carefully selected kicks, this remix completes the package perfectly.

Ferhat Albayrak Requiem EP is a conclusion of a long-time hard work and with respected real Techno Artists of the scene, will feed your all kind of sets. Enjoy !


Roger Sanchez – will try out thanks
Luigi Madonna – tom hades rmx. for me!
Angel Costa – Will try!
Alexi Delano – Support!!
Loco & Jam – Loving All 3 tracks here! Tom’s Mix best fits our sets tho! Support
Gabriel Ben – Lance mix is dope. Tom did a good job as well. Good EP
Davy Dee – Tom Hades Remix for me !!!
Gennaro Le Fosse – support!
Dean Facer – Many thaks Ferhat for yet another mighty release on Jeton….. Really loving Tom’s mix but all are being used !!”
Luke Creed – Thanks, support for lance blaise remix.. evil
Ricardo Garduno – Great release! love all the tracks! will play them for sure Thanks!
Peja – Awesome mix from Tom Hades,thank you!
Microvibez – Tom Hades Remix for me…Thanks!
Roman Finansi – Tom Hades remix is for me! Thnx!

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Ferhat Albayrak Beatport Techno Chart December 2011

My end of 2011 picks are online on Beatport. As I’m a classics freak, you will find a giant classic on the chart and plus my latest picks of the current scene, as well as some latest Jeton Records Releases. Enjoy.

Buy It on Beatport


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